What is FenixTV?

FenixTV is an up-and-coming Internet content provider. Content will be created by the FenixTV staff and we hope to soon host user-created content as well. FenixTV will focus primarily in creating high quality video content, but will also host audio and E-Book content. All content will be distributed under a Creative Commons License and is encouraged to be shared.

Current Shows:

Dotas? - Premiering Late March

Up For Review - Premiering February 24th


How It Started

FenixTV is currently a mostly self-funded project which focuses on creating and distributing video through the internet. The project started in the summer of 2005 while playing Call of Duty in my [Andy's] basement. It was inspired by other great web startups like Revision3 and the TWiT network. The idea started as just producing just tech shows, it would be too tough of a market to compete in with amazing shows like Revision3's Tekzilla and TWiT. Thus, it was decided FenixTV will produce many different shows that are unique to the internet.


Our Staff

Andy Morse - Chief Operating Officer 

Rick Lewis - Senior Producer

Jared Schrupp - Chief Engineer of Graphics and Design


Got a show idea for us or better yet want your show on FenixTV? Let us know.